sunnuntai 20. helmikuuta 2011

Snap & Sketch - is currently in review + example sketches

Snap and Sketch is a fun little app for converting your photos into sketches. With the app anyone can produce beautiful sketches. No drawing skills required! :)

You simply take a photo or select one from your library and Snap & Sketch turns it into a hand drawn -looking sketch. The process is automatic so you don't need to actually draw anything. It can be used for entertainment or for serious image processing purposes.
You can also change the end result look using various parameters that can be found in the toolbar. For example, you can change the line width, color and hatching strength along with other settings if you like. However it's usually not necessary to do any additional adjustments if you don't want to.

Snap & Sketch is currently in review. If everything goes smoothly, I'm expecting it to be ready for release sometime next week.

While we are waiting, take a look at the result pictures below.
There are also sketches on my gallery page

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